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Auto Network Limited is a professional consultancy firm providing recruitment and placement services for employers and (temporary or long term) job seekers.

Auto Network limited is an authorised and licensed company with the Labour Department.  Our professional driver recruitment service fully complies with the provisions of the Employment Ordinance and the Employment Agency Regulations.
Our services cover placement of company drivers, local private household drivers, VIP drivers, as well as foreign domestic drivers.


Armed with our vast network, database and experience, our recruitment specialists will assist you to the best of our ability in order to locate the most suitable driver for your specific needs and requirements.

All our temporary and long-term professional drivers have been subject to at least one round of extensive interview.  We will also conduct background check screening including, but not limited to, driver’s last three years driving records, financial records, drugs and smoking history, etc.
Our professional recruiters have extensive experience in recruitment and are able to provide instant and accurate placement services to suit your specific needs. Our long term success and proven track record make us the leadership in this segment.

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